Cyrille Fauvel, whose blog provided a trove of information on how to write this extension.

Official Python documentation basically contains a majority of the information I go over in this tutorial (excluding the Maya-specific areas) and is an invaluable resource for this subject. I would recommend perusing it if only for reference.

Special Thanks

Raffaele Fragapane As usual, Raffaele is a great guy to bounce ideas off and it helps that he's pretty good at pointing out holes in your assumptions. Also, if you work in Maya in any technical capacity whatsoever, watching his Cult of Rig series is probably a good idea.

John Calsbeek For pointing out a flaw in my reasoning regarding the GIL and pushing for a better explanation of the problem.

About the author

Siew Yi Liang: I wrote this overly-long wall of text and the example code here. You can find more of my ramblings here.